skin + body wellness

studio for women

Mindful skin & body wellness inspired by therapeutic plants, oils

& the healing power of massage to give you a healthy,

balanced & rejuvenated body & skin.

Angie is truly a holistic practitioner in every sense of the word. She has a beautiful healing touch and a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and natural skin care, so during every visit I pick her brain and come away with a happy soul and a toolkit of new ways to help myself. The best kind of practitioner is not only a healer but a teacher, and Angie embodies both of those roles with her heart and soul.
— Anna, Yelp


About the logo


Blue =

Favorite color, edginess

+ my love of cobalt blue glass

Copper =

Just got to have it


Triangle =

Equilateral = balanced + my triangle obsession

Circles = imprint

Mind body soul + nourished in the middle = balanced + nourished

Finger print =

Identity - My signature skin care line + unique, customized products



triangle tid bit

I have an obsession with triangles.  Equilateral to be exact. (not that I discriminate;)

Why?  I’m not really sure, but I have always been drawn to them.  


Mind . Body . Spirit

"Every person has three aspects:  the physical self, the mental self and the spiritual self.

The physical self is the easiest one for others to perceive.

It is about the health and fitness of your body. When you are at your optimum in this area of life, you find that you can easily maintain your ideal weight,  you rarely get sick, and you possess abundant energy.

The second aspect is your mental self.

It is about your mind and your work. When you are at your optimum in this area of life, you find your work is challenging and satisfying, you are able to make use of your creativity and skills, and you are steadily advancing in your career.

The third aspect is your spiritual self. 

It is about your inner-most being and your concern with other souls.

When you are at your optimum in this area of life, you find that you are blessed with great friends in your life, and you are deeply immersed in a loving relationship with your soul mate."

Taken from The Tao of Joy Every Day by Derek Lin