My devotion to helping people function better and age gracefully has led me to my lifelong journey.  I began my massage career in 1998. As a dancer for 14 years, I always found myself fascinated with the body, how it works, and what I could do to help the body operate in a proper manner.  As I started working with people, I soon realized that it became an obsession and my passion grew.  After six years of being a full time massage therapist, I graduated from the Aveda Institute Chicago and began my career as a dually licensed Esthetician.  This work inspired me to continue learning and explore even deeper ways to help people on more advanced levels.  In skincare, a HUGE part of SKIN HEALTH, is what we put in our body.  Since I was a child I had fairly severe digestive issues.  Wanting to heal myself, fix my skin and assist my clients in doing so,  I became a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant.  Continuing my journey, I still was feeling as if I was missing a piece to my puzzle… enter Manual Lymphatic Drainage. THIS is so gentle and so POWERFUL for both the skin and the body.  I am now a Certified Vodder Lymphatic Technician for the face and Neck. 

For 14+ years of working with different skincare lines and becoming EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED with the fact that skin is NOT a one-size-fits-all, WHY is my skin care regimen a one-size-fits-all? My other frustrations? The amount of toxic ingredients that are used in products, the ridiculous amount of “GREEN WASHING” that companies use to say that their products are clean and safe, when they REALLY are NOT, and ingredients that actually CAUSE HARM to the skin, create INTERNAL damage, and can AGE the skin quicker. In Nutrition school I became quality- ingredient obsessed, which led me to really looking at skin care product labels. I wanted to delve deep into not only, into clean, safe and sustainable ingredients but also how to make them for individual needs, since none of us have a one-size-fits-all skin needs. I decided to learn how to formulate and create, customize skin care for myself and my clients by becoming a Certified Boutique Skincare Designer.  Though very new and much to learn, and am very excited to be able to create healing, clean skincare for women. 

After years of certifications and continuing education classes, I am a life long student and still obsessed with continuing my quest for knowledge and adding more layers to assist clients in a Holistic - Whole Body and Skin way.