Dien Chan Zone



90 min  $129

60+ min session

consultation + maps

Bring balance and well being to your whole being by encouraging the natural intelligence within your body to kick start self-healing. Over 30 different maps may be used that correlate to internal and external organs of the body with a wide field of application and offer excellent results in the treatment of migraines, digestive and circulatory systems etc.

I also obtain excellent results in the treatment of muscle and joint diseases. DCZ works with the magic of your nervous system to deliver messages quickly and effectively to unblock stagnant energy in the area that corresponds to your symptoms.

This form of Reflexology offers positive results in a short amount of time. You will be gifted the knowledge to treat yourself anywhere and anytime with a simple, personalized face map you can bring home with you.

It’s incredibly relaxing and undeniably restorative. Most people will fall into a deep meditative state or fall asleep.

I am one of the first 100+ qualified Operators in the United States.



Dien Chan or 'Vietnamese Facial Reflexology' is the youngest of the reflexologies and to date, it is the most powerful of ALL the reflexologies.

It works to restore the correct flow of energy in the body.  The body signals to us a problem by means of a pain or discomfort in the body.  Such a symptom indicates an energetic block.  An energy block means there is a difficulty in circulation for the energy itself along the vital life force which nourishes our body.  It is never a synonym for illness, but only a major request for energy (circulation of blood, lymphatic, nervous, respiratory, digestive, sexual and or purely energetic) by one or more organs or systems.  With the possibility to stimulate these interesting areas by ourselves throughout the day, we can regulate and encourage the movement of global energies in the body with particular attention to the zone which signaled the symptom.  

•  It is performed in the presence of all 5 sense organs simultaneously.

•  It allows anyone to work on themselves independently, at any time and to combat any symptom in their body, every day, as often as they choose.

Reflexology implies the principle that by stimulating one part of the body, another part of the body is re-balanced.  More precisely, when the skin (a major sense organ) is stimulated according to established maps which reflect all the organs of the body, the nervous system (central, then peripheral) responds to reach the targeted organ or area.

The brains “database” within which all the organs of the body are coded to their correct function.  This database is triggered by the stimulation of certain areas to signal a reminder that something has been modified, to affect this function. Thus, the correct functioning can, when possible, be restored.


In Dien Chan Zone® facial reflexology maps are used to correlate with internal and external organs that treat imbalance and aid in healing our conditions. This happens by stimulating our self-regulation process with the aim of recovering harmony to the body.  It has a wide field of application.

In the first instance, we would work in first aid mode with treatment of a few minutes to lessen the pain.

In the second instance, we would work with a treatment of 30 to 60 minutes where the chosen system is worked until we are able to achieve various responses.  Every time that you work a symptom we intervene to affect the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual condition of the recipient with relation to the chosen organ or system, internal or external.

In the third case, we would work the most delicate apparatus with respect to an energetic response to, for example, a food, an allergy or an intolerance. Once we have identified the apparatus in question, by working to re balance we can positively alter the balance of our immune system.  Therefore, it is also a great tool at a preventative level.


* PLEASE NOTE - All prices are subject to change.

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