Holistic Skin Therapy


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“ I don’t follow a specific protocol, each treatment is designed for your needs at the time of service. “

Receiving a deeply nurturing face treatment is a powerful medicine for you and your skin.  The emphasis of my treatments is placed on relaxation, stress and tension reduction in order to achieve glowing, beautiful skin.  

All facials begin with a thorough consultation. Massage based and are individually crafted for you.  I will use our time together to cater to your mind, body, and most importantly, your unique skin needs at the time of service.  Many factors will be considered in the design of your distinct treatment and self care design:  lifestyle, environment, emotional health and nutrition.

Facial Massage

As the real and lasting change must start at the cellular level, extensive massage of the face, neck and chest is utilized to move lymph fluid, release fascia adhesions, increase hydration and circulation, tone underlying muscles, reduce inflammation and minimize congestion. The end result is a soft, glowing complexion and hopefully a happy you! 

Facial Massage is vital to achieve radiant, healthy glowing skin.  By increasing blood circulation and oxygen flow to the facial muscles and skin you allow nutrients to be delivered to the cells and increase collagen production. Using skilled and unique techniques to massage the facial muscles it contours the face and results in a natural, non-invasive face lift.