Face & Scalp

Accupressure & Massage

30 minutes $34

This is a must for anyone who has neck, head/jaw tension OR lifeless skin or wrinkles.  It is amazing how much better we feel and when the tension in our head, neck and face is released.


Facial Poultice

30 minutes $44

Relieve tension  |  Reduce puffiness  |  Dark circles  |  Remove toxins and improve nutrition to the skin  |  Improves skin clarity, age spots and discolorations  |  Complexion is brighter and healthier  |  Smooth fine lines, tone, sculpt tone and provide an overall facial contour and lift.


Thai Herbal Poultice is a warm herbal compress filled with a blend of organic botanicals incorporates massage modalities based on the healing traditions of Thailand, specially developed to work with the facial muscle muscles and delicate eye area, promoting Lymphatic Drainage to reduce puffiness and dark circles, smooth fine lines, tone, improves skin clarity sculpt and provide an overall facial contour and lift. It is steamed to soften & release the benefits of the therapeutic herbs for a gentle sculpting facial massage to reduce swelling, relieve sinuses, sculpt, detoxify and improve nutrition to the skin.  Amongst the herbal blend are, Java Apple which contains 100x more Vitamin C than orange; patchouli and geranium soothe irritated epidermis and rejuvenate aging skin while Roselle smooths fine lines.