My devotion to helping people feel better has led me to my lifelong journey.  I began, fresh out of High School and started my massage career,  back in 1998.  As I started working with people, my passion grew.  After six years of being a full time massage therapist, I graduated from the Aveda Institute, Chicago and began my career as a dual licensed Esthetician.  This work inspired me to continue learning and explore, even deeper ways to help people on more advanced levels.  In skincare, a HUGE part of the health of the skin, is what we put in our body.  Since I was a child I had fairly sever digestive issues.  Wanting to heal myself and others on a deeper level,  I chose to become a Certified Nutrition Consultant.  Still wanting to add another layer, I chose to become a Certified Boutique Skincare Designer.  Though very new and much to learn, and am very excited to be able to create healing, clean skincare for women.  After learning a little bit more about the Lymphatic System, I knew that this was the missing piece to my puzzle.  I recently became a Certified Vodder Lymphatic Techniican for the face and Neck.  After numerous other certifications and continuing education, I am here continuing my quest for knowledge and learning more tools to help people in a Holistic - Whole Body and Skin way.