A Women's Holistic Skin,

Body & Wellness Studio

Mindful skin & body wellness inspired by therapeutic plants, oils & the healing power of massage to give you a healthy, balanced & rejuvenated body & skin.

Angie is truly a holistic practitioner in every sense of the word. She offers an amazing array of services, from facial Gua Sha and Thai poultice (amazing) to massage therapy. And I love them all!
Angie has a beautiful healing touch and a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and natural skin care, so during every visit I pick her brain and come away with a happy soul and a toolkit of new ways to help myself. The best kind of practitioner is not only a healer but a teacher, and Angie embodies both of those roles with her heart and soul. I highly recommend her as your go-to neighborhood skin and body expert!
— Anna, Yelp

I am a

skin nourishing,

tension reducing,

Gua Sha loving,

face lifting,

health improving,

gemstone using,

lymphatic stimulating,

body repairing,

plant obsessed,

Holistic Skin and Body worker.